As with many other topics, women complain that their vagina is ‘too tight’ or ‘too loose’ when it comes to engaging in sex with their partners. The truth is many women believe they have one or the other due to four misconceptions.

These four misconceptions include:

1.) A virgin has the tightest vagina.

2.) Losing your virginity makes your vagina permanently loose.

3.) Engaging in a high level of sexual activity stretches out the vag.

4.) Giving birth leaves the vagina way looser than pre-pregnancy.

Jump To The Real Truths

A Closer Look At How The Vagina Works

The truth is, these are all misconceived notions by tons of men and women and they simply are not true. To understand why let’s take a closer look at what the vagina muscles are like and what they do.

vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles diagram

Diagram of A Normal Vagina

As you can see the vaginal walls surround the vagina opening.

The pelvic floor muscles are what holds the vagina, bladder, and rectum in place.

This is what a normal, strong pelvic floor looks like in a woman.

Why Your Vagina Is Naturally Tight?

The human body is structured for the purpose of reproduction. So as a woman becomes sexually aroused the vaginal muscles relax. This makes complete sense, as it’s difficult to insert the penis into an extremely tight vagina.

It needs to loosen to an extent to allow an object to be inserted inside. When the tissues of the vagina relax they don’t create a gaping hole. Think of them as a tight fist. When aroused the vagina, the fist, begins to open up allowing for insertion.


If you are feeling too tight during sex there is a strong possibility you are not sexually aroused by your partner, or you just haven’t had enough foreplay to excite your muscles. It’s a proven fact the average woman takes about thirty minutes to warm up and self lubricate, before being able to engage in comfortable sex.

After having sex the vaginal muscle tissues naturally retract to their original state. Sex doesn’t create a permanently loose vagina! The process of loosening for sex and tightening back up afterward is the same for every woman.

The Real Truths

A virgin has the tightest vagina.

Truth: This is completely false. From the time of puberty, vaginal tightness is the same for all women because the vagina works the same for everyone. Those who have not had sex before may experience performance anxiety, causing them not to properly lubricant and relax. This could make penetration seem tighter.

Losing your virginity makes your vagina permanently loose.

Truth: False again. As we discussed above, virginity does not make you tighter than other women. So you can’t lose any tightness after having sex for the first time. You may notice that you are more relaxed and create more natural lubricant, making sex more pleasurable after the first time. But, you remain just as tight as you were for the first.

Engaging in a high level of sexual activity stretches out the vag.

Truth: More sex is actually better for the vagina. Specifically, more orgasms! When you engage in sex the vaginal walls expand for penetration, and contract when you reach orgasm. This actually helps to strengthen the vagina and surrounding pelvic floor muscles.

Giving birth leaves the vagina way loser than pre-pregnancy.

Truth: This pregnancy misconception withholds a bit of truth, but only in certain circumstances.


Women who give birth in their twenties and early thirties will experience their vagina tissues snap back into their pre-baby state within a few months.

However, for women who have multiple births in a short period of time, they may experience a looseness problem. This is because as you are pregnant the vagina is stretched over a great deal of time. With multiple births this could be consistently stretched for years at a time.

In addition, women who give birth in their late thirties to forties may notice more looseness after giving birth. This is because as the natural process of aging takes place, the vagina and pelvic floor muscles start to weaken. When you are consistently stretching these muscles out, they will find it harder to return to their natural tight state.


Think of this similar to a rubber band. If you stretch it out for a short period, then let go, it will go back to its original state.

But, if you stretch the rubber band out for a long period of time, it will likely not return completely back to its original state. This is when vaginal looseness occurs.

Understanding Vaginal Looseness

pelvic floor muscles

Feeling Loose? Here’s How To Get Tighter…

If you are affected by vaginal looseness it can take a toll of your self-confidence and level of sexual gratification. This is a problem that can be easily fixed with a vaginal tightening gel.

v-tight cream

V-Tight Gel is the top tightening gel that we recommend. It’s unique blend of herbal ingredients work to tighten the pelvic floor muscles and vagina within just a few minutes of application.

This will allow you to feel tighter during sex and your partner will be able to tell the difference as well.

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