Don’t just Google ‘buy v-tight gel’ and click on the first website you see. To get this product you need to order from the official V-Tight Gel site. This will help you avoid cheap knock-offs you may find in stores.

Average Cost is $39.95 (Discount On Select Packages)

where to buy v-tight gel

Where Should I Buy V-Tight Gel?

If you’ve read over the reviews and have decided that this is the product for you it’s now time to find the best price from a discreet and reliable source to place your order.


If you have not read over these reviews I highly suggest you check out my V-Tight Gel Review now, to get a full understanding of what to expect from this product.

In my experience settling for the cheapest product that claims to work, is not worth the headache of bad side effects or sub-par results.

Benefits When Buying From The Official Site:

  • You Are Getting The Original Powerful Product, Not A Knock-Off
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Discount Package Deals
  • Shipped From The USA So You Can Track Your Shipment
  • Learn More About These Benefits Below

Why Should You Avoid Buying From Other Suppliers?

The first thing you want to avoid is going online and searching for the cheapest bottle of V-Tight Gel. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like wasting money, but I also don’t like spending my hard earned money on cheap products that cause skin problems or just end up not being effective at all.


To be honest, I found that I could buy V-Tight Gel from Amazon for a little bit cheaper than the official website. At the time this seemed like the smartest thing to do because Amazon is a trusted online store.

Well, that was a big mistake for a couple reasons. First, when you have a loose vagina you don’t want to tell the entire world. However, when I ordered from Amazon the product was clearly labeled on the outside of the box, right on top to be exact!

Secondly, I notice my package was being shipped from another country. This means that my vaginal tightening cream has been shown to customs workers. Not my idea of discreet when my name and address is on the shipping label! Also knowing that my product was not made in the US put doubt in my mind of the overall value of the product and its ability to provide vagina tightening correctly.

The third and final straw came when I opened my box, only to find out that the cream looked as if it was already opened. No plastic wrap or packaging security to be found. Needless to say, I didn’t use the product I just threw it out. Honest, who would want to use something that person when they know that someone else had already had their hands on it. I don’t even want to think of who or why my bottle had been opened.

This is why I will never again settle for sub par third party websites. I went straight to the manufacturers website an order another bottle of cream. And just so you know, I did apply for a refund from Amazon and was never given it.

How To Buy V-Tight Gel Directly From the Manufacturer

As you can tell I would only recommend buying directly from the supplier when it comes to a personal product like this. Not only do you get the trust that comes along with knowing you ordered directly from the makers, but there are a few other notable positives that go along with it.


First off all the product is shipped from within the US, and you can track the shipping of your purchase so you know exactly when it will arrive.

Secondly, at the official website they offer package deals, free tubes, and discounts which makes their prices competitive to the third party distributors.
The big reason… Money Back Guarantee!

Unlike the other products from third party websites offering the best creams to tighten a wide vagina, or stretched vagina, the V-Tight Gel offers a money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with their product. This is a big plus for any women looking for something to make your vagina tighter, as you don’t want to be stuck with a product that doesn’t work and not be able to get your money back.

The Package Deals To Save Money are a gigantic positive from order straight from the manufacturers website. One you try this product, I’m sure you will be extremely satisfied as I was, and want to continue to order more to become even tighter.

When you go to order more there are package deals when you buy two or more tubes at the same time. This is a big money saver, especially if you want to go it on this with a close friend. And keep in mind that the money back guarantee stands no matter how many tubes you order.

sure to check out my explanation. And if you want to read my entire review on the V-Tight gel product be sure to check that out as well.


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